Does Your Home Need a New Roof?

We service all areas of Frederick, Montgomery, Howard, and Carroll Counties.  There comes a time in the life of every roof when it just cannot be revived with roof repairs. Even with a highly skilled roofing company on your side, roofing materials all reach a level of deterioration beyond fixing. No homeowner looks forward to that day.


Your Roof Protects Your Investment

After all the money you have spent to maintain and beautify your home, roof replacement is simply a step that secures the investment you have already made. Without a good, watertight roof, the rest of your house is in danger of falling to pieces, literally.


We Help You Make Easy Choices

When a new roof cannot be put off any longer, our job is to make the transition as easy as possible for you. There are so many choices in roofing materials, the decision can be overwhelming. We help you narrow it down, based on your preferences for appearance, weather‑resistance and budget.


Insurance Claims

Dealing with an insurance company when claiming damage to a roof can get complicated. The fact that you have been impacted by a severe weather event or earthquake is stressful enough. We are willing to work directly with your agent to expedite your claim.


What to Expect During Your Roof Installation

With over 25 years of experience in the roofing industry we can thoroughly prepare you for what is about to happen to your home. All industry standards are adhered to with strict attention to detail. Your family and property are safeguarded against falling debris. Your home and yard are left neat and tidy as our truck backs out the driveway!  We magnetically sweep the landscaping for any loose nails to be extra cautious.


Done Quickly and Efficiently

We typically arrive early in the morning to begin work.  If there is bad weather predicted we  do not take chances with your home.  Taking the proper precautions and installing your new roof with quality attention to detail is our priority.   It’s our responsibility to make sure your roof will last for the long‑term. We take care to replace rotten materials and ensure you have adequate attic ventilation.  We take extreme care with everything around your home using tarps, magnetically sweeping for any potential of loose nails and a through clean-up of your property.


We Value Customer Satisfaction

Let’s face it – a roof replacement is a costly but necessary investment.  It’s our duty to leave you with the satisfaction of knowing it’s money well spent. When we do our job right, your roof can do the job of keeping the weather outside where it belongs. Our promise to you is a new roof that adds beauty, security and durability to your home.


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